Victor Balbin 2012



Victor Balbin 2012

Victor Balbin

1979.........My name is Victor Luis Balbin Padilla. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, back in 1952.

I selected this photo to introduce myself cause  1979 was just a neat year.   I was 27 years young and music was a way of life. It was a mid point in my life for music. You see I started playing in 1969 and ended by 1987. Those were great years. 

1952, August 29...... San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the downtown area named Santurce.

Son of Victor Balbin Alfaro and Genoveva Padilla.

Paternal grandparents Balbino Balbin Sandoval  and Mariana Alfaro Torres

Maternal grandparents Valentina Padilla Figueroa and Jose Cardona Miranda

I lived in San Juan until 1960 when my parents decided to move to New York City.

1960-1976....Years in the big apple. Brooklyn, New York City

My parents moved a few times.

1960-1964...120 Bergen Street

1964-1967...240 Bergen Street

1967-1969...5001 tenth Avenue

1969 1971...1720 Bedford Avenue

1971-1974...201 Crown Street

1974-1975...240 Crown Street

1975-1976...375 Montgomery Street


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